Who am I, and what do I do?

My name is Varunkumar Nagarajan. A Software Engineer by profession and a Blogger by passion. Responsible Son. Technology Enthusiast. JavaScript Developer. Android Fanboy. Cricket Lover. Rahul Dravid Fan. Foodie.

I have been active in the blogging arena since 2006 and most of my posts are related to technology. Being the big fan of Android that I am, I have written many tips and how-to guides for Android. I enjoy roaming on the streets of web gathering knowledge and sharing them. I have written many scripts / services to make life easier on the web.

I have been active in the technology field and have given talks on various topics in tech conferences like JSFoo, Barcamp, etc.

What do I use?

Quad core i7 MacBook Pro 15" with 8GB of RAM, a 500GB HDD, a 250 GB SSD and Full HD screen. I use an external secondary monitor (Samsung 21.5"). I use this machine for most of my development tasks. I have few virtual machines (Ubuntu, Windows 8, etc.) for running other OS specific tools. I use Galaxy Nexus as my primary mobile device and have an S2 for testing Android stuff. I use an iPod Touch to test the developments on the iOS space. I am not a fan of tablets and haven't really used one. I have been playing with Arduino for quite sometime now and have built some cool hardware hacks. I use Arduino ADK board (ATMega2560 based) for all the hardware hacks.

Chrome is my favorite browser and I spend most of my time on it. For writing code, I use Eclipse and Vim / Sublime Text 2. Apart from this, I use some of the free products from Google - Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar. Windows Live Writer is my favorite blog editor and I doubt if I will be able to live without it. I have setup a VPS for hosting my private repos and for running some services.

My blog is powered by Blogger. My PhotoStream is hosted on Posterous. I use Github as a CDN for my blog and other sites I own. I have tweaked my blog for high performance and it has got top performance ratings from Yahoo! YSlow and Google's PageSpeed.

There are lots of hidden features in this site. Technical details about this site can be found here.


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