• "A true master of technologies with great problem solving and analytical skills. A highly talented guy who could make a tough job look very easy and I am not exaggerating. A team mate who is delight to work with and a resource to manager who never requires to be managed.
    Dear Varun, keep up the enthusiasm and you will go great heights. I am sure. All the best."

    - Vilaya managed Varunkumar

  • "Varun's breadth and depth of technical knowledge is unmatched at his experience lelvel. He is a great team player and a manager's delight."

    - Yogesh managed Varunkumar

  • "Varun is one of the best in attacking complex problems. His sincerity, technical and probem solving capabilities which he demonstrated during our work together, were of high standards.I am sure, he will be one of the best fits to positions demanding high technological changes and challenges. Best wishes to him for his future career."

    - Varalu worked with Varunkumar

  • "Varun is an extremely fast learner and one of the best engineers I have worked with. He is always willing to go beyond what is asked for and has a great sense of customer and business need. He has a great attitude and is always positive and cheerful. It was truly a pleasure working with him and would love any opportunity to work with him again."

    - Trivikram managed Varunkumar


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